RISE - Wellbeing and Success Program
for Asian International Students

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RISE – Wellbeing and Success Program is a comprehensive program to bridge the gap and better support the mental health and well-being of Chinese and Asian international students in Melbourne. Created by Mindspace Consulting, RISE is proudly one of the outstanding international student initiatives supported by the StudyMelboure Inclusion Program 2024.

RISE DAY - Empower

An all-day, retreat-style mental health and wellbeing event to educate and empower international students.

– Strength-based mental health seminar with keynote speakers on key issues prevalent among international students, such as cultural adaptation, creating a positive mindset in study & career, and setting SMART goals for your life in Melbourne;

– Guided mindfulness workshop on stress management, and understanding and managing emotions;

– Free stress-relief toys and well-being gifts for participants.

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Weekly Guided Meditation

Ongoing mindfulness practices for international students to release stress and enhance psychological well-being.

Students can join this weekly practice online and be guided to practice key mindfulness skills such as breathing exercises, body awareness and body scan, being present, visualisation to enhance self-awareness, self-compassion, sense of gratitude and happiness & general wellbeing.

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RISE DAY - Connect

An all-day, retreat-style mental health and wellbeing event to educate and empower international students.

– Mental health seminar and workshop focusing on key communication issues prevalent among international students, such as cross-cultural communication, interpersonal confidence, and building a new personal and professional network locally;

– Guided mindfulness workshop on interpersonal stress management, and understanding and managing emotions;

– Stress-relief and wellbeing toy gifts for participants.

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We Are Strong Within

A special physical and mental health activity that combines Kongfu martial arts training with building inner strength and resilience.

This is a series training including 3 sessions and 1.5hrs per session. Integrates physical activities with self-discovery, the training highlighting the profound impact these experiences have on shaping individual identities. Students will unlock the connection between physical engagement and behavioral patterns through active participation.

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Mind Insight Mental Health & Wellbeing Assessment

A digitalised, self-directed assessment report utilising clinical grade tools to help international students gain insights into our psychological well-being.

Students can complete a questionnaire online assessing their emotional well-being including depression, anxiety, interpersonal sensitivity, and obsessive compulsive; as well as their mental resilience including psychological flexibility and stress coping styles; and overall mental health risk with next-step resources. Bilingual assessment options are available.

Event Partners

Australia Chinese Student Psychological Association (ACSPA)

ACSPA is a student-run association that aims to promote a culturally inclusive mental health safe space for Chinese students who are interested in studying Psychology. 

Mood Psychology@Monash

Mood Psychology@Monash is dedicated to addressing the mental health issues of international students and establishing a friendly community for psychology enthusiasts.


PsychKitchen is an international networking platform for Chinese psychology students and professionals, aiming to establish a strong network connecting psychology students with professionals in related fields.

Win Career

WinCareer is a financial training institution dedicated to international students, offering integrated training in ACCA, CFA, FRM, AUCPA certifications, and career planning.