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MindInsight Report


What is the MindInsight Report?

A series of clinical grade, digitalised self-help assessments to help people gain insights into our psychological well-being.  

What’s assessed in MindInsight?

Access our clinical grade, evidence-based scales to help you acquire information and insights on your current mental health & well-being.

What information is included in the report?

How to take the assessment?

1: Purchase online via the button “PURCHASE NOW” and complete the order

2: Please check a questionnaire link will be sent to your email address

3: Complete the questionnaire on your phone or laptop, this may take 15-20 minutes

4: The report will be generated and sent back to your email in 2 business days

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What they say

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Why pay for a MindInsight Report when there are free tests online?

Online free psychology tests​
MindInsight Report​
Validity & Credibility
Unverified source and no guarantee of accuracy
Uses clinically approved mental health scales only
Amateur website creators who created the test for traffic​
Developed by the Mindspace team under the supervision of clinical psychologist


Only test 1-2 aspects​
6 key areas of mental health​


Limited information online​
Including a full report of scoring, interpretation and suggestions​

*Disclaimer: Please note the questionnaire and report is a self-help tool for information purposes only and is NOT a formal diagnosis. If you require a Clinical Diagnostic Assessment administered by a registered clinical psychologist, please refer to this service.

Gain valuable insight into your current mental health & wellbeing. Get your MindInsight Report today.