Online Psychological Test

MindInsight Report: Mental Health and Well-being

Do you feel down, depressed, and difficult to deal with, but don’t understand why? Or easily restless, nervous and restless? The mental health check-up is developed by the Mindspace psychology professional team. It strictly selects the highest quality and most widely recognized assessment scales in the field of clinical psychology, and translates and integrates it to generate customized professional reports for you.

We indexed a series of depression/anxiety/stress and other tendencies to intuitively show the current level of psychological burden and emotional health, and at the same time test the ability of psychological adjustment.

Psychology services

Psychologist assessment & report

Our comprehensive clinical psychology, neuropsychology and developmental psychology reports are conducted in multiple languages can be used for legal procedures or NDIS applications.

Educational and Developmental Assessment

Kid with ahd

The child is always throwing tantrums, emotional ups and downs, avoiding but refusing to socialize? Underperforming in school, does my child have a learning disability? What hidden talents do children have that may be overlooked by their parents?

An in-depth psychological assessment for children and adolescents aged 2-17, each report is customized one-on-one for your child by a nationally registered psychologist in Australia. Help you have a more comprehensive understanding of all aspects of your child, help your child improve their strengths and make up for their weaknesses, and escort your child’s healthy growth.

Clinical Neuropsychology Assessment

patient makes progress towards healing and recovery as she talks with her therapist about her

Mindspace clinical neuropsychologists will professionally evaluate neurological damage, cognitive dysfunction, brain health, IQ level, and provide in-depth reports for you. Neurological and Cognitive Psychology assessments can be used for NDIS applications and for related purposes such as forensic medical certificates.

It can help clients with autism spectrum (ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder), concussion, elderly dementia, etc. to obtain neurological and cognitive assessment and treatment plan.

Clinical Diagnostic Assessment

moral mental support and health, assistance in the treatment of mental disorders

Mindspace clinical psychologist will professionally evaluate and diagnose mental health concerns, identify underlying factors contributing to emotional or behavioural difficulties and provide an in-depth report for you. The report can effectively measure treatment progress and support collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

The Clinical Diagnostic Assessment can assist in legal or administrative processes, such as disability claims or program (e.g. NDIS) eligibility. Administered and signed by a registered clinical psychologist, the assessment is very well-recognised in medical, social and legal contexts.