Be seperate to be stronger together

Hello,  How have you been? I hope the ongoing situation does not overwhelm you to0 much. The entire Mindspace team expends our heart filled wishes to you and your family throughout this uncertain time, hoping that you will navigate through it all in good health. Even when we are forced to stay apart, we are all in the same boat. We need to try to balance our emotions, our insecurities, fear and uncertainty of the future. Several developments are occurring at the same time? Don’t forget, you are not alone. We are all forced to slow down in our daily lives and adapt our lifestyles to the current changes. 您好,您近来怎样? 在整个不确定的时期,整个Mindspace团队都会向您和您的家人致以衷心的问候,希望您身体健康。即使我们被迫分开距离,我们都在同一条船上。 我们需要设法平衡我们的情绪,我们的不安,对未来的恐惧和不确定性。不要忘记,您并不孤单。我们所有人都被迫减慢日常生活,改变我们的生活方式去适应当前的变化。

We believe that a common sense of solidarity will help us all face the situation with more compassion and reflection. We invite you to do a mindful deceleration with us, as it will help you to manage your fear, your carousel of thoughts and lead your attention to other things than the current situation. 

  1. Focus on your breathing. This is the easiest way to calm down your mind. The slower your breathing, the slower your heartbeat, and the slower your thoughts.
  2. Practice compassion for yourself and others. It’s been scientifically proven that this supports our mental and physical health. People with deeper sense of compassion not only experience less anxiety but also suffer less from depression.
  3. Reflect upon your life. We are forced to slow down now, but perhaps this gives us a chance to review our lives and ask ourselves: How would more of this “slowness” benefit me in the long run?


  1. 专注于呼吸。这是让您平静下来的最简单方法。呼吸越慢,心跳就越慢,思想也就越慢。
  2. 关心自己和身边的人。科学证明,这有助于我们的身心健康。富有同情心的人不仅会减少焦虑,而且会减少抑郁症的痛苦。
  3. 审视生活方式和态度。虽然我们现在被迫放慢脚步,但是也许这给了我们一个重新审视自己生活的机会,可以问问自己:从长远来看,这种“缓慢”会给我带来什么好处

Sincerely yours,