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RISE for International Students

Young Asian college students and a female student group work at the campus park

A wellbeing and success program for Asian international students.

Mental Health Symposium

Speaker at Business Meeting in the conference hall.
Empower our multicultural community through the power of psychology.

Mental Health and Asian Communities

Support of mental health professional

Advice for best practice based on our clinical experience and related studies.


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Essential educational content on key mental health topics, updated weekly.

Care for community

Mindspace News

Mindspace advocates for the well-being of multiCultural communities by providing psycho-educational resources, hosting events and guest speaking on Australian media networks.

What is culturally informed counselling and why is it important for people seeking help for mental health issues?

 “By tailoring the counselling approach to align with the cultural norms and values of the diverse groups, the individuals are more likely to feel understood and respected,” Dr Wu said.

Coronavirus is reminding people how racism takes a psychological toll, but there are ways to be resilient

“… Dr Wu said there were things that Asian residents in Australia could do to look after their mental health during this apparent spike in racist attacks. She said the first thing was to not shut down your emotional and physical needs in response to an incident….”

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