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Yvonne Shih

Early Childhood Psychotherapist

(Language: English, Mandarin and Taiwanese)

Yvonne loves being a child Psychotherapist, and believes that person-centred and interests-based meaningful therapeutic play is able to motivate and enhance young children and adults' mental health, learning and well-being.


In 2019, Yvonne establishes YellowStone studio for young children who need support in self-regulation, emotional /social skills development and learning difficulties via musical, playful and sensory mediums. Yvonne was a qualified educational leader and preschool teacher in the city of Whitehorse Council-based early learning centres in Melbourne from 2005 to 2021. In these sixteen years, Yvonne had integrated her musical talent, child age developmental appropriate observational and psychotherapy skills into children's early educational intervention/inclusion and school readiness programs for children who were developmental delays and need additional support. In particular, they had PTSD, OCD, ODD, ADD, ADHD, Autism spectrum or limited physical sensation backgrounds. In the meantime, she also worked in line with a range of professionals to implement holistic designed therapeutic programs, and their efforts were rewarded with excellent outcomes from the children’s improvements, parents' feedback and peer reviews. Additionally, Yvonne was mentoring Deakin university early childhood education master course international students and being a student placement supervisor for Box Hill TAFE child care diploma course students from 2017 to 2021. Before settling down in Australia, Yvonne worked as a kindergarten principal in Taipei, Taiwan.



Master of Mental Health Science in Child Psychotherapist (pursuing), Monash Uni.

Master of Education, Monash Uni

Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Monash Uni

Graduate Diplomas in Coaching and Counselling, Deakin Uni

Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood (major in Music), Monash Uni


Member of Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

Member of Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA)

Member of Association of Child Life Therapists Australia (ACLTA)

Registered Teacher of Victoria Institute of Teaching (VIT) in Preschool and Primary school

Registered Music and Piano Teacher of Victoria Music Teacher Association (VMTA)


ABA Therapist (Autism Behavioural Intervention Association)

Theraplay and Marschak Interaction Method (Theraplay Institute)

 Including Children on the Autism spectrum in the early years (Victoria State Government)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT Australia)

Severe Emotional and Behavioural Disorder in Young Children for Early Identification, Diagnosis and Management (CBT Australia)

Stress Management (Academy of Advanced changework)

Pass Life Regression (Brian L.Weiss, M.D.)

Accreditation of Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk 

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