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Improve your understanding towards your relationship characteristics, potential problems and corresponding solutions

How do you understand love?

Is love unequal, as long as love can be given freely regardless of gain and loss?

Is the other person your property and you can control everything about him/her?

Or is love means to help and comfort each other in the lifelong period?

[Mindspace Relationship Health Check] was developed by the Mindspace team after several months of effort. It was carefully selected from more than 40 clinical and non-clinical Relationship Satisfaction Questionnaires and translated into Chinese. Whether you're single or in a relationship, our quiz can help you understand your relationship characteristics. This assessment aims to show each angle of your intimate relationship with scientific data, sort out and analyze both parties' self-feelings and ways of looking at each other in the relationship. Thus, the emotional problems are no longer obscure. It helps you get to know your partner as well as yourself, identifying potential problems and finding solutions.

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The report is generated based on self-report results in the questionnaire. It is only based on the current psychological states as reported by the client.

The report does not serve as a clinical diagnosis of mental disorders, and cannot replace a clinical diagnosis made by a psychologist or psychiatrist.