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Improve your understanding towards your current depressive/anxious state


Are you:

Experiencing unexplained emotional discomfort?

Feeling depressed and dull? Having trouble relaxing?

Feeling anxious and nervous lately?


We dedicated months selecting and translating the relatively valid and reliable scales of depression and anxiety, and developed our Mini Mental Health Check.


The report includes a comprehensive set of emotional, behavioural and somatic indicators for depression and anxiety, as well as the interpretation of the scores you obtain (for example, the severity of depression/anxiety symptoms, and whether it requires further attention).

Our team will help you interpret the report in a 15-minute telephone sessionAfter the interpretation session, our psychology professional customer service will continue to support you for follow-up services.





① Enter the purchase site, purchase the product and fill in relevant contact information (you can click the "Purchase Now" button at the bottom of the page, or click here).


② Add customer service on WeChat and make an appointment for the interpretation session.


③ Check your email after you have make an appointment. We will send you the depression/anxiety questionnaire. We will generate the report five working days before the interpretation session.


④ During the appointment time slot, please pay attention to your mobile phone so that we can conduct the 15-minute interpretation session with you.


⑤ Customer service for follow-ups.




The report is generated based on self-report results in the questionnaire. It is only based on the current psychological states as reported by the client.

The report does not serve as a clinical diagnosis of mental disorders, and cannot replace a clinical diagnosis made by a psychologist or psychiatrist.