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The self-report psychological assessments in the market usually vary to a great extent in terms of their quality, and they often lack professional assistance and guidance. Meanwhile, it is considerably difficult for a lot of people who need help to take their first step to reach out and seek help, because they may not be familiar with psychological services. As a result, with the help of professional Chinese-speaking therapists, Mini Mental Health Check provides a personalized set of psychological services at a relatively affordable price.

We have chosen the expert-approved assessment scales that are of the best quality among the clinical psychology research domain. For the overseas Chinese-speaking community, we translate the scales into Chinese for your convenience. After taking the assessment, you will obtain a personalized comprehensive report which helps you further understand yourself, informs you on how you can take care of your emotional health, enriches you with relevant psychological knowledge, and provides you with a collection of free available mental health support resources.

After the assessment report is generated, you will have a 15-minute one-on-one telephone counselling session with one of the Mindspace Chinese-speaking psychological professionals at your booked time. The counselling session includes a further analysis based on your report, a discussion on which specific areas you wish to optimize, and an introduction/Q&A on psychological counselling services.

Feifei Yang and Beryl Li will be responsible for the psychological counselling session.

If you wish to continue your counselling journey with the therapist after the telephone counselling session,  you can make an appointment for the 40-minute Intake Session. With a health insurance plan, whether it is Medicare or OSHC, the fee for the Intake Session can be 100% covered. After the Intake Session, your health insurance plan (either Medicare or OSHC) can continue covering your fees in your future psychological counselling sessions. With a Mindspace therapist, the rebate capacity for each session is from 50% to 60%, maximum to 20 rebates with Medicare and to 10 rebates with OSHC.

For more information on how you can utilise your health insurance in covering your fees, please contact the customer services.

Our customer service team has a professional psychology background. We will consistently provide you services including Q&A about making an appointment, the steps and materials for a medical rebate, recommendation for other psychological assessments, a priority entry for Mindspace free monthly psychological seminars and activities, and beyond. Please attach your full name in the friend request if you have used the name to make an appointment.


The current report is generated based on the self-report measurement scales, and it only represents the general results by the client’s self-reported psychological conditions for their current state. The results of the current report are for reference only. They are not diagnostic, and they cannot replace a clinical diagnosis made by a medical doctor or a psychologist.