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Patients may now be referred under the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Scheme.

This will enable them to access up to 6 sessions with a significant rebate if they have a referral to a psychologist under a GP Mental Health Care Plan (item 2710).

If a further allocation of 4 sessions is required this is accessed via Review of a GP Mental Health Care Plan (item 2712). A maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year may be accessed (not dependent on date of referral).

Sorry, we do not offer bulk-billed services.

At Mindspace Consulting:

  • Patients receive the latest evidence-based treatments focused on skill acquisition

  • Urgent cases will be prioritized and patients will not be placed on lengthy waiting lists

  • We provide written information to referrers regarding the assessment, treatment and progress of your patients. We welcome consultation and requests for further information regarding your patients.


If you would like further information or to arrange a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


For consultant physician psychiatrists the relevant eligible Medicare services cover any of the consultant psychiatrist items 293 through to 370 .

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