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This is a comprehensive educational and developmental assessment for children and adolescents aged 2-17, each test is specially tailored for your child by an Australian Registered Psychologist. Help you have a more comprehensive understanding of all aspects of your child, and escort your child's healthy growth together.



李楠楠 Beryl Li

Australian National Registered Psychologist

Educational Developmental Psychologist (Registrar)


Master of Educational Psychology (Monash University)

Beryl is a senior psychologist registered in both Australia and China. She has taught in college psychological counseling centers in China for 10 years. Her expertise's in the areas of personal growth, emotional management, children's psychological and cognitive development, educational psychological assessments, parent-child problems, family and marriage relations direction. 

Beryl is native in Chinese and fluent in English. 

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Psychologist in-depth assessment

The highly experienced Bilingual psychologist will bring your child an in-depth educational/development evaluation and culturally sensitive interpretation.

 Customized solution

Psychologists will have a one-on-one in-depth understanding of the child's situation, recommend assessment items in a targeted manner, and customize the test package for your child.

Connect and support Family

Here, you will hear the different voices of yourself, your child, and psychologists, and gain an opportunity to deepen trust and grow together with your child.


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