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Educational and Developmental Assessment Series

Assessments for children and adolescents

Q: What is Educational and Developmental Assessment?

A: Educational and Developmental Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation on key developmental domains of the child/adolescent, including cognitive (intelligence), social, emotional, personality development and beyond. 


Q: What can you assess? 

A: At Mindspace, we can provide evaluation, diagnosis and report on children and adolescents in the following domains:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are psychometric tests accurate?

  • Psychometric tests are subjected to rigorous criteria to establish reliability and validity, usually over a period of years. In Australia, psychologists are highly trained to administer, interpret and report psychological tests.

Q: Do I need a referral from my GP for testing?

  • No, you do not need a GP referral to book a psychometric test. If you need testing for a legal or funding organisation such as NDIS, you will need to speak to us in advance.

Q: Can I take the test online?

  • Some tests, such as the personality test, can easily be taken online so that you don't have to leave home. We will send you the link of test by email. When you have completed it, your results will be added to your profile for your psychologist to read and discuss with you. However, some tests are more complicated (such as intelligence tests) and need to be administered in person. This allows the psychologist to observe people' behaviour more closely, especially with children.

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