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Giftedness Assessment Package

Professional Intelligence assessment

Q: Why do we assess and identify giftedness among children?

  • To explore and maximise their intellectual and academic potentials

  • To provide targeted advice to parents and schools, so the children can get appropriate and correspondent support inside and outside the school


Q: What aspects does the assessment assess?

  • Cognitive Intelligence (IQ)

  • Academic Achievement

  • Other customised assessments on

    • Behavioural Patterns

    • Social and Emotional Ability

    • Personality

    • and beyond

Q: What services do you provide after I made a purchase? What are the processes?

  • Step 1: Initial Intake Interview (50min)

  • Step 2: Assessment

    • Usually it takes 2 to 3 sessions depending on the case

    • Each assessment session lasts for about 90-120min

  • Step 3: Scoring & Report Preparation

  • Step 4: Feedback Session (50min)

Q: Is it possible that we go through this assessment package online?

  • The Initial Intake Interview (Step 1) and Feedback Session (Step 4) can be conducted online. 

  • The Assessment (Step 2) MUST be conducted face to face. In order to make a more precise and professional decision, the counsellor needs to observe the process of which the child completes the prescribed assessments.


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