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In the post-pandemic era, how can we empower the Chinese-Australian community with the power of psychology? Mindspace Consulting is hosting a Mental Health Symposium for the Chinese Community in Australia. We warmly invite you to join us in solidarity and support our community!


The event is hosted by Mindspace Consulting and sponsored by the City of Melbourne, and consists of three seminars. A panel of experienced psychologists, psychological researchers, counsellors, social workers, senior HR and Chinese senior executives will share their expertise and host Q&A sessions with the community. 

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In-Person & Live-Streaming

The in-person event will be held in Melbourne CBD with ONLINE options available! There will be live Q&A and online interaction on multiple platforms. No matter where you are, we welcome you to join our psychology community!

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Get Professional Advice

Experienced expert panellists will share their expertise in mental health challenges in the Chinese community, employee assistance and support, psychology career pathways...

come hear all the advice and ask your questions!

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Networking Opportunities 

An exciting opportunity for you to meet with your psychology fellows! Network with mental health professionals, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, working professionals, psychology students, and members of the general public. 

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Mental Health Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Chinese Community in Australia

What are the common challenges for immigrants and overseas students? How should we nurture our mental health and deal with stress? Clinical Psychologist Dr Queenie Wu (Founder of Mindspace) will share our research findings on the impact of discrimination on the mental health state of overseas Chinese. 

Our panellists: Chinese GP, neuropsychologist, educational psychologist, senior social worker and Chinese-Australian history expert. Guest speakers will share their expertise and thoughts on psychological challenges and opportunities, providing an opportunity  to:

  • Acknowledge common psychological challenges and stigmas in the Chinese Community.

  • Learn useful coping strategies and emotion management skills. 

  • Face-to-face Q&A with psychologists.

Time: May 21st (Sat) 1:00-3:00 pm

Location: Boyd Community Hub, 207 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006 (Online option available)

Language: Mainly Mandarin, some panellists will share in English.

​Dr Queenie Wu

Founder of Mindspace Consulting

​Australian Registered Clinical Psychologist

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​Mark Wang

​CEO, Museum of Chinese Australian History

Nga Yan (Connie) Tse

Clinical Psychologist

截屏2022-07-06 下午6.15.39.png
Vincent Hu

Community Service Worker

Settlement and Access support Services (SAS)

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Dr Huiyun Zhao

Australian GP


Employee Assistance Program and Chinese Professionals Empowerment

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How do we support employees to establish strong resilience to stress, maintain emotional health, and promote high efficiency at the workplace? How should we overcome communication barriers and improve management skills? Focusing on common psychological issues in the workplace, Mindspace managing partner Cathy Yang will introduce a series of practical psychological skills that are useful for developing a healthy and efficient working environment.

Our panellists: senior HR, senior executives from large enterprises, experts in cross-cultural research, and enterprise coaches. Our guest speakers will share their expertise on employee assistance and provide resources and tools to explore career development:

  • Learn skills to improve psychological efficacy in the workplace.

  • Gain useful knowledge about personal career development;

  • Network with professionals from different industries.

Time: May 21st (Sat) 3:00-5:00 pm

Location: Boyd Community Hub, 207 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006 (Online option available)

Language: Mainly Mandarin, some panellists will share in English.

​Cathy Yang

Managing Partner, Mindspace Consulting

Jessy Zhu

Managing Partner, Mountleap

Isabel Zhang

General Manager Cross Cultural Insights, Baston Insights;

Executive Committee Member, Australia China Business Council

Nicole Liu

Senior Relationship Credit

Manager of ANZ

Member of CPA Australia Program

Sifu Damien Chauremootoo

Chief Instructor & Director, Martial Arts, Empower Tactical

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Psychology Professional Pathways and Networking

What are the future career opportunities for psychology graduates? What are the most important employable skills?  How do we make the first step into the psychology industry? Clinical psychologist Dr Queenie Wu (Founder of Mindspace) will share her story and career experience. We will also be introducing the highlights of the Mindspace Psychology Career Development Course.

Our panellists: China and Australia registered psychologists, psychology researchers, high-achieving psychology student representatives, providing a chance to:


  • Explore your career pathway and learn more about the mental health industry.

  • Hear fun stories from the experts and learn from their journey.

  • Network with fellow Psychology students (from undergraduate to postgradute).

Time: May 22nd (Sun) 1:00-4:00 pm

Location: Performance Space, Library at The Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008 (Online option available)

Language: Mandarin

​Dr Queenie Wu

Founder of Mindspace Consulting

​Australian Registered Clinical Psychologist

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​Dr Queenie Wu

Psychology honours at the University of Melbourne

Founder of Psyckitchen

​Dr Jian Chen

Psychology Researcher

AIMOS Early Career Award Winner

​Cathy Yang

Coordinator of Mindspace Consulting

Marketing Manager

beryl LI.jpg
Nan Nan (Berly) Li

Australian Registered Psychologist

3000 Hours of Consulting Experiences

Lily Luo

Mindspcae's Lecturer

Accredited Member of Australian Psychological Counselling Association

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