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Ariana Fu

Counsellor/Speech Pathologist


Session: Telehealth/Face to Face (Adelaide)

Language: Mandarin/English/Hokkien(Taiwanese)

As a daily practitioner of mindfulness, Ariana has participated in various meditation training such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, the Power of Mindfulness, Mindful Self Compassion and Mindfulness Retreats, and has completed over 1000 hours of mindfulness practice.

Ariana has graduated from long-term professional training in Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy from the Hakomi Institute of California in the United States. Ariana
serves as a teaching assistant in the China region for the Hakomi Institute of California, USA, and regularly receives individual and group supervision.

In 2013, Ariana was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent chemotherapy and transplantation, which enabled her to deeply empathize with patients and their families facing serious illnesses. After immigrating to Australia, Ariana pursued a Master's degree in Speech Pathology which provided her with richer experiences in understanding the psychological characteristics of cross-linguistic and cross-cultural populations. While providing services at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide and Flinders Medical Centre in Australia, Ariana consistently centred the patients and their family members. With her warmth, stability, empathy and professionalism, combined with evidence-based assessment and intervention, Ariana has helped many patients alleviate their mental distress, rediscover inner strength and achieve their goals.

As a counsellor, Ariana skillfully employs mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy techniques in her work with clients. She creates a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental space for them, accompanying them on an inner journey of exploration. Ariana’s teaching experience in psychotherapy has enabled her to effectively help clients learn how to deal with emotions, cultivate self-compassion and self-care, and enhance personal well-being.
As a speech pathologist, Ariana particularly focuses on the mental health of individuals with communication disorders. Ariana is skilled in helping adolescents and adults who stutter to reduce the severity of stuttering, increase self-acceptance, achieve comfortable communication, and improve their quality of life. On International Stuttering Awareness Day in 2022, as one of the professionals, Ariana introduced the importance of psychotherapeutic intervention in adolescents and adults who stutter in the Chinese stuttering community.

Ariana specialises in supporting cross-cultural groups in better adapting to society, managing interpersonal relationships, and handling emotional stress. Ariana has accompanied numerous international students and immigrant groups through their internal struggles and challenges, helping them discover inner strength and overcome obstacles. Ariana is also committed to providing high-quality psychological counselling services to critically ill patients and their families. Her focus areas include counselling in grief and loss, disease and death-related anxiety and depression. She has supported many patients and their families in confronting significant life losses, successfully transforming pain into resilience.



Master of Speech Pathology, Flinders University, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Master of Law, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, China

Graduate of Hakomi mindfulness-based psychotherapy, Hakomi Institute of California, USA



Teaching assistant of China region of Hakomi Institute of California

Member of Speech Pathology Australia

Member of Palliative Care South Australia

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