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Each year, less than 50 of the almost 1,000 applicants for a master's degree in psychology receive the desired offer through the interview process. Many people are unaware that the application for a master's degree in psychology is full of "hidden requirements" and that an "average H1/HD" mark alone is insufficient to succeed in such high competition.


During the application season, students frequently face the following issues:

  • Which of Australia's several master's degrees in psychology is best for me?

  • What to do if I don't have sufficient practical experience?

  • How can I highlight the strengths of my personal CV and self-recommendation letter?

  • How can we avoid invalid recommendations while still providing high-quality referrals?

  • How can you stand out in an interview with a high exclusion rate when you're up against a psychological admissions officer who "reads countless people"?


A master's degree application is a critical step toward a career as a psychologist. Not knowing how to prepare for their applications, many students end up feeling disappointed. Many with outstanding results in H1 have received rejection letters in recent years, with no idea what their issues might be and how to improve their chance next time. 


Mindspace has invited a Clinical Psychologist of 35 years and retired Professor in Psychology, Dr Ross King, to develop this course in order to help students improve their chances of receiving an offer for a Psychology postgraduate degree. On multiple occasions, Dr. King presided over admissions to Master's and Doctoral programmes in Psychology, assessed over 1,000 student resumes, and trained hundreds of intern psychologists. Dr. King will examine the prerequisites of each master's degree programme in psychology, uncover application skills and hidden minefields, and increase your success during the application season in this course!

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Overview of Australian Psychology Masters Programs

Combined with years of practice and teaching experience, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of the APAC-accredited Masters's programs offered in Australia, compare the course information and the corresponding registration pathways, to help you choose suitable courses and universities, and locate your application goals.


Advice on Personal Statements, CV and Professional Referral

To assist you in reorganising your professional experience, identify the ideal "storytelling" viewpoint, and highlight key facts for an effective cover letter. And the major distinction between "valid suggestion" and "invalid recommendation" for the master of psychology application.

Take you through the interview process and teach you about the most often asked questions. List the interview Dos and Don'ts to boost your interview success rate.


Assess personal professional competence

Through a series of specifically selected psychological assessment scales, you can measure the data related to your career development suitability in psychology. Get access to the most critical metrics in your application, including reflectiveness, empathy, perfectionism, emotional intelligence, etc., and get expert advice on strengthening your potential and enhancing your personal strengths.

This course is suitable for:


  • Honours students who are about to apply for the Master Programs of Psychology;

  • Undergraduate students who want to become psychologists and are thinking about their academic direction;

  • Interdisciplinary individuals who want to know their suitability for a career as a psychologist.


During the course, you will gain:


  • Exclusive guidance from Dr. Ross King to decipher the hidden requirements in the application;

  • Understand all-round preparation skills for application materials and interviews, and complete the application with less effort;

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your own personal characteristics and plan the best career development path.

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